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"He looks kinda nice but will he choke me when we have sex"

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"We were sitting side by side, our thighs touching, connecting us into a tiny collection of atoms that took up barely the smallest fraction of the universe and we were almost nothing. But oh God, it felt like everything."
— I know we didn’t matter to the world but we mattered to me (via extrasad)

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"Many people believe every age marks something significant, that you should accomplish a certain something by a certain time. Your first kiss, losing your virginity, getting married. Learning to drive, knowing what you want to be, succeeding in your goals. But that’s not true. Let things just happen. Make sure you’re ready. Stay wise. Give yourself time to develop. There is no rush to live."
— Unknown (via perfect)

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also can we stop pretending skinny shaming is on the same level as fat shaming? im against shaming people’s bodies no matter what and i think doing so is disgusting but thin bodies are still far more accepted and catered to and it’s important to acknowledge that

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when urea whole outfit on point

A hoody or wateva

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